Connected Laundry Appliances

Would love to hear opinions on the integration of Samsung or LG laundry appliances into HA.

I use GitHub - ollo69/ha-smartthinq-sensors: HomeAssistant custom integration for SmartThinQ LG devices configurable with Lovelace User Interface. for my LG dryer. Works pretty well. For my Samsung washer, I just use a smart switch with energy monitoring on it to detect when it starts and stops.

What are you wanting to do with the smart washer/dryer? I ask because the market on this is somewhat limited so you are narrowing your choices to what might work with HA rather than what might be the best washer and dryer.

I have a 30 year old washer and dryer made “smart enough” through smart plugs and vibration sensors. I cannot start a new load, but I can stop one if needed.

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? :rofl:

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I think the most useful features are

  • Delayed Start (being able to start based on cheapest electricity available)
  • Notification of completion (although this can be achieved in other ways)

Having an idea of what’s good is mainly so when the summer price drops start to appear I’m not trying to make a decision.

I find that feature of electricity prices in other regions strange.

Where I’m at my electricity price is pretty much constant until the utility decides to change it maybe every few months or years.

I would find it very tiresome to have to constantly pay attention to the current-to-the-minute energy tariff to decide when to do various household chores.

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You don’t have to pay attention to it. Script a call to your electricity provider to get the electric rates, and use that.