Connected mains powered smoke alarm

I’m currently having some work done at my house and as part of this building control are mandating that I fit mains powered smoke alarms.
Currently I used the Xiaomi / Honeywell units and have been looking for a replacement that can be run via mains power.

Anyone have any recommendations for something that can be locally integrated via ZigBee (no cloud) ?

I’ve had a search around and I just keep finding battery powered units.

Did a similar research myself a couple of weeks ago, and basically you have 3 options where local codes specifying smoke detectors be hardwired:

  • Google Nest Protect has hardwired models.
    (con - there is the google cloud in this setup.)
  • Of those regular (aka dumb) smoke alarms, I believe some of the vendors offer an alarm relay gadget.
    So you do dumb hardwired smoke detectors with one of those alarm relay, and then you could wire the relay to a zigbee or z-wave binary sensor. I recall there was a nice write up in SmartThings forum 4 or 5 years ago that should still be applicable today.
  • Or you do the regular hardwired detectors, and then put one zigbee or z-wave alarm listener / audio detector binary sensor nearby.