Connecting a switch from one technology (e.g. KNX) with a light in another technology (e.g. hue)

Hi Hasmi,

Indeed I missed a line when posting the code here (the trigger)

I edited my post and it s now corrected



Thanks that works now.
I can turn the HUE on/off using the Multi Switch.

Now i maybe got something wrong in ETS5 tough.
I connected the Brightness SET and State Adresses to a Dimm Step, but it won’t start to dimm up or down.

Kind of hard to explain but did you also connect the SET Brightness and State Brightness Addresses to one Dim Step in ETS?

Did you have to use the template like farmio suggested or are you still using the config as stated above?


My script does not let you dim up or down unfortunately, only to set a specific brightness value to the hue like “50%”. I didn’t figure out how to DIM up/down yet

Brightness in a Knx device is meant to be in percent (0-255 in this case - as it is used in HA)
Stepwise Dimming - DPT3 - is not supported by xknx. You may be able to find a workaround, but I have never tried it and it may break in the future.

Maybe this is interesting for those of you with knx wall switches and deconz: