Connecting an analog video intercom to home assistant

Hi there,

The building I live in has an analog video intercom system from Bticino. The videophone I have installed in my flat is the following: .

I would have loved to be able to pilot the videophone through home assistant, seeing who is ringing through the video feed, open the entrance door, etc. That would mean however to convert the video (and other) signals from analog to digital, send back some signals (to open the door for instance), etc.

Even though I am a newbie in electronics, I thought the project could be fun, and I do not seem to have much option since the building’s system is unlikely to change for a while. Maybe there are some building blocks I could assemble to make this work? I haven’t found much on google, but I might also be searching with the wrong keywords.

Anyone to give some advice or tricks & tips?

For reference, I found this documentation I could extract the snapshots following from:

Thanks in advance!


Hello man!

Were you able to figure this out?

I think this would be so much fun to be able to do. Did anybody tried this?

Hi, anyone did it?
I have a similar video intercom with analog video output V+ and V-

Not me. Only thing I’ve learned about the bticino intercoms is that their is a constant 27v signal on it. It works with a change in frequency when some one rings the bell.

hello, does anyone have a solution yet. I want the same thing only with an aco video intercom.
There is little documentation to be found but this is what I found.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 182335
Screenshot 2023-09-18 182517

can anyone help me?

from the thesis of someone that reverse engineered the thing…

SCS - Video: The video signal supported by SCS has these features :
•PAL-BG (625 lines - 576 visible, interlaced)
•AM modulated at 38.9MHz with amplitude 560mVpp