Connecting apps and IoT devices to Google home / assistant

OK I’m not sure but from what I understand the Google home device is just a computer running google assistant software. I have had one for about a year and use it mostly to play my spotify music.

I also know the assistant api or software can be installed on a Raspberry pi. And one time I made a Google Actions ‘thing’ that when I gave my GH the voice command, the assistant inside would contact the Googme Assistant api (I guess), match the command to the Google Action, sent the response to the ip I configured, went thru nginx server running on my RPi and ran the python script that toggled the gpio pin connected to the relay that controlled my lights. Phew!

#1. OK so I was wondering, there is no way to contain that flow to my local network or does it have to go out to Google assistant api servers?

#2. I’m working on a more complete version of the rpi/lights relay and I want to know if there is a better way to work with Google on these devices? Is there a better way or should I do something differently as I’m working on this home solution?

A1. NO. “Ok Google”/Google home commands are processed at Google server then cmand sent to local HA

A2. NO.

Maybe look at Conversation component or Snips for 100% local voice processing

Oh ok, but these arent Google APIs, or are they?

No, Google API require WAN.

If you want LAN only currently you must use some other method like those I list.

OK I just realized, this forum is not a Google Home forum is it? It’s like a digital assistant forum covering all the ones available?

But I think I’d rather use the Google one because my project requires internet connectivity to a Google home device.

I think Google home needs wan access to work?

If you want Lan use

Ok, so Im at the point where im ready to just install home assistant on my rpi2 via a new SDcard in order to keep my old one just in case. Should I etch raspbian stretch onto the sd card or like the community article suggests?

Someone at suggested stretch, i guess because that gives me a raspbian OS to use with other things as well as the home assistant installed over that. Right?

Just go with Rpi2 not that powerful to run loss of other things. is easier. The add-ons can run loss of other things if you decided to do that anyway.

Ok if I only install, could I still access rpi2’s GPIO pins? Could I still run python scripts?