Connecting HA to Google Home

Hi folks, don’t know if anyone can help.

I have got duckdns working perfectly (at last!), and going thru the setup to connect Home Assistant to Google Home (Google Assistant - Home Assistant).

But I’m stuck at the point where you add the service to Google Home - " You should have [test] your app name listed under ‘Add new’. Selecting that should lead you to a browser to login your Home Assistant instance" - got the [test] app name showing, but when I click to add it comes to a ‘Connection is not secure’ page - on a PC there is the usual option to process at my own risk, but not on Chrome on Android.

Any suggestions folks?

Note, what I’ve tried so far:
Changed default browser to firefox but its get ignored by Google Home and still uses Chrome, & Changed in privacy and security, safe browsing to off.

You need to have your HA instance accessible over https, aka using SSL, in order to use Google Assistant.
If you already have that configured, then that insecure connection warning should not appear!

I concur lol, setup with SSL, - all working outside the home network and on the app to.

Have you checked if the SSL connection is being properly established?
If the certificate is valid, etc.

Good point…

The cert, via chrome, says not secure, but obviously I can access.

So, I need to get a valid SSL then? What’s the best way of doing that? Website and buy an SSL, or is there a ‘free’ option somehow?

How did you configure your SSL connection? Are you using the DuckDNS add-on on the supervisor, or are you running a different setup?

You don’t need to buy the certificate, let’s encrypt provides that for free! I have that setup working flawless for years, no costs!

Aye, duckdns, that was a fight to get my internet provider to open the port. But all working.

Looking at Lets Encrypt now - many thanks for your help.

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No problem!
If you need help with this, feel free to ask.
Best of lucks.

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