Connecting Nanoleaf's Essential A19 bulbs to Home Assistant

I bought a pack of Nanoleaf A19 Matter bulbs and I can’t figure out how to connect them to Home Assistant. I am running HA in a VM with a Flashed Sonoff dongle. The Nanoleaf app detects my Thread network but when I press the upgrade button to add the bulbs nothing happens. Anyone got their bulbs working with HA?

I assume you’re using HA OTBR and no other TBR.
I did this many months ago, so things may have changed, but looking at some notes, I could not get this to work with iOS Nanoleaf App as it could not get or did not want to get the complete dataset for HA Thread network, but had better success (but did not completely work) with Android Nanoleaf App.

The Android version was able to get the complete HA Thread dataset and joined the Thread network and then was able to find HA Matter Server and it went through the process of adding to Matter. What failed for me was the bulb joined the HA Matter fabric, but for some reason, HA Matter was not able to interview the bulb, so it never added it to HA. Others actually did have success using the Android Nanoleaf App, so I guess its hit and miss. The only way I got it to joins completely was a hack whereby the HA Matter server did all the work commissioning the bulb.

Another thing to be aware of is that the Nanoleaf firmware was considered unstable for Thread, and has had various firmware upgrades to improve upon this, but I don’t actually know nowadays how good it is.

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