Connecting to Home Assistant VM

Hello all,

I feel like this should be extremely simple but for some reason I cannot figure this out…
So currently I been running a VirtualBox VM with Home Assistant in it. I believe HASSIO.
I can go to my IP address and I can connect to my instance of Home Assistant no problems.
Well I been having issues with it lately (randomly freezing and needs a restart)
I read multiple people saying that switching to VMWARE fixes this issue I been having.
Now I created a vmware VM with home assistant 9.4, it gave me a .vmdk hard drive file. I have this on a VM and its assigned an IP I tested other VMs and all network connection is setup correctly. when I go to this IP the address can not be reached.
I am able to ping this IP and it has a valid ping back and forth.
I checked my router dashboard and its correctly autoassigned HomeAssistant just like my other instance of HA on the net work. So it appears that everything is setup correctly.

Why can I not access my new instance of Home Assistant?
I am working on switching all my VMs from VirtualBox to VMware, but first is my Smart House VM.

Thank you,
I appreciate all the help and info you all will help me with.