Connecting to plex after HA bootup


I have the plex component working correctly with my HASSIO installation, and it’s been great.

Lately I’ve started shutting down my plex server when nobody’s at home and I’ve noticed that HA will not find the plex server when I start it up while HA is already running. HA will only pick it up if I restart HA while the Plex server is already running.

Is there a way to get HA to detect the Plex Server after post startup?


You can try putting discovery: in the config file, tho’ I’m not sure it will work post startup.

I already have discovery configured. I think it gives up loading the plex component if it can’t find a plex server on HA bootup.

Yep I guess you are right, it probably has a timeout after a minute or two, maybe this needs flagging to the devs, that discovery should periodically wake up and scan again, or as a feature? however I guess it’s done this way for a reason.

slightly off topic here I think, so apologies in advance…

how do you shutdown the Plex server?
Im running a server on my Pi, and like the idea of killing it whilst the house is empty, and restarting it again when I return?

Im thinking that one could use HA and the command line switch to achieve this?

I have it running on a windows server. I basically shut it down on a schedule using Task Scheduler.