Connecting Utility Meter to AI / Machine Learning - Anyone?

So we’ve all done the AI+Cameras but what about AI+power meters?

I googled around and didn’t find anything. I could manually write some detection code for my washer/dryer/TV/electric-range being on/off but if I could just throw the data at some AI library and get some results that would be amazing!

Has anyone done this? Ideas? I think it might be worthwhile tagging some of the experts on this topic like @robmarkcole and @hunterjm .


I have given this some thought, and I think there are some other threads on energy use prediction. My idea was to use the time series analytics built into influxdb, or prophet. Links below:

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Very interesting. When I have some time I’ll have to look at those closer. I would have never found those links. Thank you for sharing!

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