Connecting Various Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Devices?

Hi everyone! I recently got HA up and running in vmWare Player for the first time with an Ethernet TubesZB Coordinator for my HUE lights, UniFi APs for WIZ devices and a USB Bluetooth adapter for everything else (until I get an Ethernet based BT adapter - any recommendations?)

I successfully connected the HUE strip lights, and the WIZ bulbs but I have many other devices I need help being pointed in the right direction please.

For starters, the standard HA weather module (with the correct location and permissions) is far from accurate based on local data and my stand alone indoor/outdoor thermometer. Any idea what would cause this? Its accurate based on if its raining or not, but the temp is off by over 10F and the humidity is off by over 20%

I have a few smart Fluval Plant 3.0 aquarium lights that are controlled from a FluvalSmart app on my phone over Bluetooth, and I have no clue how to begin attempting a custom integration since its not a supported device. Any advice?

Then there is an old BlueAir HEPA unit I have on my Wi-Fi that is controlled by the BlueAir app on my phone. From what I understand you start by searching for the name of the device, if no hits then search for the name of the app that controls the device, and if still no hits then you move into custom integrations? All I know is the unit uses MQTT so base the integration around that?

Next I have a smart galaxy projector on my Wi-Fi that uses an app called Smart Life but I get no hits when searching Smart Life, so where to start?

My smart dehumidifier is made by Midea and uses an app called SmartHome, there is a SmartHome integration but the logo does not look the same. If you search for Midea there is a Midea ccm15 AC Controller integration and it asks for an IP, but if I enter the dehumidifier’s IP it fails to connect. I think the unit uses IFTTT but I have to do some more research.

Lastly I have eufy devices controlled from 2 different eufy apps, my security cameras use the eufy Security app and the robot vacuums use the eufy Clean app…there is a eufy integration but I am not sure if it covers the vacuums yet as I only see a eufyHome and eufyLife integrations. The documentation says HA only supports eufy lights and switches…which is really surprising given the size of their ecosystem :expressionless:

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Let’s start with the easy part. Smart life = Tuya, so start with that integration. Your projector might not be supported by Tuya, but you’ll never know unless you try

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Definitive guide to Weather integrations 🌦.

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Note: I found most of these searching this forum. See search pointers here:

Thanks! I looked for Tuya integration and it needs my user code, but when I follow the directions the spot in the app where it should be just says complete account. When you click that it wants you to enter your account and I don’t have an account so the get verification code is greyed out. Yet there is nowhere in app saying sign in/out or signup. Very confusing lol

This is some of info from the listing:

Sorry, I don’t use the Tuya integration. Was just trying to point you in the right direction. Try installing the Tuya app on your phone and create an account first.

If you get stuck, there’s a few recent posts here about using a qr code. Search for them & start from there

I read the Tips post but I began my post with just the off cuff Fluval request but it spiraled out of control by the time I finished writing it. Sorry for loaded post.

I finally figured it out but my projector is not supported…really bummed. Is this the end of the road?

You could try local tuya