Connecting Xiaomi smart camera

Hi guys,
It’s my first topic over here.
I’m starting to use home-assistant and first I want to connect a Xiaomi smart camera.

The problem is, it seems that the last firmware doesn’t allow unauthenticated rstp, which makes the stream impossible if I understood correctly.
I tried to downgrade it following the instructions here:

The problem is that after downgrade I can’t even connect to it from the app… and the light keeps flashing yellow.

Does anyone has successful connected to this camera? Any idea how can I make it work?

Thanks guys!

I have that camera, running the latest firmware and also allowing RTSP streaming (check here However, HASS doesn’t support RTSP streams, only MJPEG or JPEG, so you won’t get the camera working.

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Thanks for replying.
I’ve 2 questions.

  1. Based on what I understood from the link the is the last firmware with RTSP support, is that right?

  2. Is that possible to create a module to handle RTSP for Home-assistant?


Question Number 1: See this thread ( apparently there is a new 2016 firmware which you can modify with a script to get RTSP support on this latest firmware (I used this method on an older firmware).

edit download it from here ( - this is the modified version which automatically enables RTSP support and a few other things - note I haven’t tested this version yet.

Question Number 2. There is a feature request for this already (Rtsp stream support for camera)

Is there some news in this area? Some progress in the integration of RTSP protocol?

I kindly ask you again if there is some update about Rtsp support? Thank you in advance

Hi! Check the main thread about rstp integration Rtsp stream support for camera

Hi all – old topic, I know, but I have exciting news on this front: I’ve developed a HASS integration with the YI Home Cameras:

Unlike some hacks that force you to enable experimental RTSP streaming, yet lose the ability to use the official Yi app, this allows for both.

I’m waiting for some underlying library updates (and a lot more testing) before I publish, but I’m excited!



And how?

My platform makes use of the v3 Yi “hacked” firmware, which (a) retains usage of the mobile app and (b) enables an FTP server. The platform utilizes FTP to find and stream the latest captured video file.

You can see my progress here:


hi, is this the right cam:

or this one:


The documentation on the HASS website lists the cameras. That said, if you can install a custom firmware that enables an FTP server, it’s likely that camera will work.

It looks like this camera component is using particular ftp folder /tmp/…
Would it be possible to add an additional configuration to the component where you can specify the folder?
For instance, I have another YI smart camera with ftp server, but the component doesn’t work with it since there is some slight difference in its folder structure.

Yes, I can definitely add support. Can you share your full structure (path, folders under that path, etc.) so I can brainstorm a holistic strategy?

Thanks, the path is the following: ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx/tmp/hd1/record/

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And under that, are there multiple folders, each with MP4s?

Yes, I believe it’s the same structure of folders based on date/time with .mp4 files.

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Great! I will add an enhancement that allows you to specify a custom folder path. Stay tuned!

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I came across something great: turns out, I already put that feature in the platform – I just forgot to document it!

Use the path key to change your path:

  - platform: yi
    host: ''
    password: my_password_123
    path: /tmp/hd1/record

Give that a shot and let me know how you get along. In the meantime, I’ll submit a PR to update the docs.

Xiaofang hacks firmware does have FTP server but doesn’t write mp4 files. I don’t think the component can be used. The RTSP stream support issue remains.