Connection failed

I install a test network (b) next to my main network (a) . Used a FB6490 (a) and FB7330 (b). b uses its own IP address range.
Connection from b to a is possible. From a to b is blocked. HA is installed in the b network. A pi-hole is working in the a network. HA can read the data of the pi-hole.
The setup of the Fritz!Box tools of the a router fails.
I use for the a router. After entering
port 49000, username and password I get “Connection failed”.
Who has an idea???

I think your word salad is quite confusing. FB6490 is the hex code for hot pink, but I don’t think that was what you meant.

You may have to draw a picture.

I think FB = fritzbox

I’m sorry for my word salad . FB is the abbreviation for fritzbox in german.


Connection from Test router to Mainrouter is ok.
Connection from Mainrouter to Test router is blocked,
Connection from HA to Pi-hole is ok.
Connection from HA to Mainrouter Connection failed…

This is what I expected. Home Assistant is on the local network at and can only operate with devices on that network. The network does not exist to Home Assistant.

If you can make the test router act as a Network Access Point on the network then Home Assistant is on the same local network as everything else in your house.

When you say that connection fails, what sort of connection do you mean? Ping? http? ssh?

The test ruter wil have to do its job, which is to route between the 192.168.178.xx subnet and the 192.168.188.xx subnet. Sounds like it isn’t.

Also either your diagram is incomplete, or you have something wrong. Test router needs to have two IP addresses, one in each of those subnets.

That is nonsense.

It’s unlikely that the OP has changed the network IP mask. So if it’s the default, then the two networks are indeed invisible to each other.

You can’t put a PC on the network and ping anything on the network.

After first installation i do the onboarding.
The Pi-Hole device setup works with no problem.Netzwerk_1
The integration of the FritzBoxTools devices i get the
error message Failed to connect.
establish the Connection from Notebook to FritzBox admin Port works with no problem.

You can if the router is set up properly. That is what a router does, routes packets!

Establish the Connection from Notebook to FritzBox admin Port works fine.
That’s what i wrote under the drawing.
HA can connect to Pi-Hole.
HA can’t connect to the main router.
I try to add AVMFritz!Smart home for i put in the mask
Host =
Username = admin
Password = the required PW

response = Invalid authentification

Try to add it to what?

HA add-on AVM Fritz!Smart home

I fixed it.
You have to use different user then admin.

Just to clarify if anyone reads this:

In the past you could access the Router by just entering the password.
“Admin” was already added by default (lets say it like this) or at least the default username if you want to access externally.

A specific version introduced another custom Username (security-reasons I guess) and “removed” the default “Admin”
This is the reason why it did not work.
So it is just a “simple” username/password Problem.

Thanks to all