Connection Pool is full - Fritz Router

Haven’t run Home Assistant for very long and I am really liking it so far. There is however an annoying error that is logged every 30 seconds 5 times a second. I’ve seen many request for help, but no responses and topics being closed down. I was quite surprised by that.

So I have Fritz!Box 7490 connecting via and the following error show up and literally fill my whole log:

WARNING (SyncWorker_16) [urllib3.connectionpool] Connection pool is full, discarding connection:'

Thousands of times this is repeated in the logs. Is there anything I can do about this? It just seems weird that the first posts about this appeared in 2017 and no-one has a solution.

I am running Home Assistant in docker on a Synology NAS:

System Health

version: core-2021.7.2
installation_type: Home Assistant Container
dev: false
hassio: false
docker: true
virtualenv: false
python_version: 3.9.5
os_name: Linux
os_version: 4.4.59+
arch: x86_64
timezone: Europe/Brussels

logged_in: false
can_reach_cert_server: pending
can_reach_cloud_auth: pending
can_reach_cloud: ok

dashboards: 1
resources: 0
mode: auto-gen

Hopefully someone can help me with this. 

I noticed same logs too. I think something related to fritz but I really don’t know how to fix.

Let’s wait for the gurus.

same logs in my setting

I confirm disable avm fritz tool integration will solve. I think we should open an issue on github but I don’t know how to do

Sorry for double post… here you have the issue tracked