Connection refused after migration to vmware

I hope someone can help me out…
I created a full backup from my Raspberry installation to migrate to vmware for more stabilty (i hope). First install on vmware runs very fast but when i restore the full backup i cannot acces HA. Every time i get an error err_connection_refused.
Found some possible solutions but they do not work. I changed the date as root but the time is still one hour off and the timezone is also wrong. Timezone is UTC and i live in UTC +1 zone. Don’t know if that is the real problem.
All needed ports for ha are forwarded in my router to the ip address of HA. Can’t acces through my duckdns address,… Everywhere connection refused :frowning:
Does somebody know what to do next?

I’m now able to login to HA via https://homeassistant:8123. But i get a warning about the certificate. Via the duckdns address i still get connection refused and also if i try with ip address.