Connections between P1 port and ESP in SlimmeLezer

I currently have a Toon with a P1 reader, but the info I’m getting back is too limited for the jew Energy dashboard in Home Assistant. I can see total power use and power production, but not grid use or how much I return to the grid. I can calculate some of these with virtual sensors, but it’s not working particularly well.

So yeah, I decided I want a SlimmeLezer, since this seems to be the preferred P1 reader. Thing is, they are out of stock, and I have plenty of ESP8266 and other components lying around. Even some P1 stuff. I could just make one myself.

Now the big question is, how exactly is the P1 port connected to the ESP? If I know how, I could have one of these things running within the hour. But there are no schematics. So how do I hook these two together?

You should be able to find what you need here:

I see nldroid mentioned there. Does that mean that SlimmeLezer uses the same wiring as nldroid’s CustomP1UartComponent? It doesn’t really seem that way to be honest, since the first yaml only mentions D2, but not D5. nldroid is using D5, I assume for requesting data. It seems like nldroid does use D2, but D2 is also pin 13? Marcel’s later yaml also mentions D0 and D1 as UART pins, which I don’t see in nldroid’s design. I have no idea what those pins are meant for. He doesn’t give them an ID either.

I do have a NAND gate IC (74LS00), so I should at least be able to use that as an inverter. Just hook up the output from the P1 to both inputs A and B. ANd I have a couple of P1 ports, one belonging to a printer and another to a router. Not gonna use for their intended purpose anyway, might as well use them here.