Consider_home entry inside known_device.yaml

From what I gather, consider_home option is a platform wide entry but it is primarily a way to overcome iOS devices which tend to go to sleep. Since this seems to me to be a device specific fix/workaround, it would be great to have this option moved down into the known_devices.yaml for the actual devices. This would allow for example an NMAP tracker to be more diligent in reporting statuses of devices that don’t sleep while still using the consider_home parameter for iOS devices. Not sure if this should have been a feature request or a bug fix but here it is. :slight_smile:

From 0.30 consider_home will be loaded from known_devices.yaml

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Can you point me toward the documentation for this? Thanks!

Wow, can’t believe I just found out about this now. This helps a lot :slight_smile:

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