Consider_home for mqtt device_tracker


What is the correct way of setting the consider_home option for the mqtt device_tracker platform? I tried it at the mqtt platform, at the first device_tracker platform and also directly at the concrete known_device but nothing ever set the device to not_home.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, I’m having the same issue… My Pixel used to be super accurate with Zantito. Ever since I switched to the Pixel 2, I started having location drifting issues, but consider_home seems to be ignored no matter what I do…

Hi @kkr16.

I know I’m late but just stumbled over the notification…
I had the problem with an automation calling service device_tracker.see.
And the solution for me was to not pass a location_name - only the dev_id.
This changes the device to home and after consider_home timeout also to not_home.
But apparently there is no way to get this done with a location which is not home - maybe work.

Hope this helps you.