Considering RPI4 or Home Asssistant Green Yellow

I have probably what is considered a minimal HA system running on an RPI3B+. A fair number of z-wave devices (aeotec usb dongle), about 10 tasmota mqtt devices, some services like meteorology, and connections to HVAC and alarm panel, AND 4 GPIO pins for an rf system.

My system has been experiencing some problems and after discussing those in another thread, I think upgrading my hardware is appropriate.

I am interested if the HA Green or HA Yellow system would support my setup. Can either support GPIO?

I see the pins on the board, but am not sure if they are supported with an application. Currently I have a HACS fork RPI GPIO integration that works, but has suffered from being a second thought in the HA world.

If Green/Yellow cannot support, then I believe I can go with RPI4.
(I am not interested in other solutions).


The yellow has some GPIOs available


According to the unboxing video I looked at, the Green doesn’t seem to have GPIO headers.

I saw the GPIO pins on the Yellow, though not sure the GPIO integration will work.

Also not sure if the pins would be covered by the heat sink. I cannot tell from the pictures.

Looking at cost, it seems the Yellow kit is around $150 and the RPi is $40-$50? So close to $200 purchase?
Does that sounds about right?

At the end of the day, a CM4 is at the heart of the yellow, so if that integration would work on a rpi4, I assume it will work on Yellow.

No, obviously. Why would you want that?
Or did you mean the plain plastic cover? in that case, yes.

Yep, Yellow is quite expensive. Unless you want to support development, want hassle-free zigbee or need to add M2 storage, added cost is not really justified (although adding case and power supply to a RPI4 raises the bill)

I am going with an RPi 4. The cost is not worth it as you state.

I will also try to migrate the GPIO to another device, though my current set up is convenient - one less device to program. But the HASS developers do not want to support that setup.

Thanks for the feedback.