Consistent colour across multiple lights, hex input - help/advice needed

Hi all,

Trying to set up a notification system in the house and want to have the same consistent colour across all the different lights in each room.

Some rooms will be LED strips, other rooms will be table lamps etc…

When setting up the scenes for each of the lights, I couldn’t see a way to input a hex value for the colour I wanted and seemingly no way to create a helper for that colour that I could drop into the scene.

Is there another way to achieve this, without moving the colour wheel to “nearly” the right place each and everytime?


I thought I could use the “edit favourite” feature of the colour selector, but it seems the feature doesn’t crossover, i.e. it’s not a universal colour favourite palette, rather, a favourite colour palette for an individual device.

You would pass it as RGB, which really is the same thing. Hex is just a different representation.

But beware: keep in mind each light device has a mode, and if you have a mix of dimmable, white and RGB lights, it can get even more complicated to get a consistent colour. For example, one light’s native mode might be RGB and another’s HSV, so passing an RGB value to the HSV light would mean there’s a conversion. Where it gets really messy is where you use colour temperature and XY colour.

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Thanks for the fast response, appreciated.

I didn’t realise the eye-dropper was interactive, I see the RGB input now…talk about not seeing the wood for the trees.

I’ll give this a go and see what it gives me, it might be good enough.

r.e. colour space

I’m already anticipating a conflict with some of my Gledopto floodlights for the trees, 4/5 have good colour accuracy to each other, but the 5th one, is noticeably different, which is why I wanted a more granular control of the colour selection (seperate issue to the notification issue)

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