Consolidated Configuration File - How to Create One?

Planning to clean up my config, so I’m trying to create one overall file that I can then search through to see, it some of the sensors I once created are actually still in use.

Using this command in my venv setup, I can create one file - so far, so good:
hass --script check_config --info all > /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/all-config.yaml

But the resulting file holds a lot of entries like this one: Template object at 0x752e1490

In some cases, that doesn’t really matter, in others it seems to impact the ability to search for entity ids:

    - action: ?
        - data_template: ?
            entity_id: <homeassistant.helpers.template.Template object at 0x752e1490>
            temperature: <homeassistant.helpers.template.Template object at 0x752e1450>
          service: climate.set_temperature
        - condition: state
          entity_id: input_boolean.ht_notification
          state: on
        - data_template: ?
            message: <homeassistant.helpers.template.Template object at 0x752e1630>
            title: <homeassistant.helpers.template.Template object at 0x752e1570>
          service: notify.mypushbullet
      alias: HT Turn Down Heat
      condition: ?
        - condition: state
          entity_id: input_boolean.ht_vacation_mode
          state: off
      hide_entity: False
      trigger: ?
        - platform: template
          value_template: <homeassistant.helpers.template.Template object at 0x75350e50>

Any other suggestions on how to creat a consolidated configuration file?

Anybody any smart suggestions?

What about running this command in the config directory?

cat *.yaml > all.yaml

That works for everything in the config directory, but not the files that are in the sub directories for, e.g. automation or packages.

I guess, if push comes to shove I could just copy them all into one directory, though.

Run the command posted above and then this one for each sub-directory:

cat ./sub-directory/*.yaml >> all.txt

The >> all.txt means append to all.txt.
In comparison, > all.txt means write to all.txt or, if the file already exists, overwrite it .

If you have many sub-directories, you might wish to put all the commands in a file. Make the file executable (chmod u+x myfile) and then run it.

That should do the trick - little prep work but can be reused later.
Little disappointing, though, that it cannot be created using the HA script checker.

Here’s an even better one:
find ./ -type f -name "*.yaml" >

Run it in the config directory and it’ll get all yaml files even in sub-directories.

Now the one file,, lists all your yaml files. Prepend cat to each line and append >> all.txt. Now can be executed to produce all.txt.