Constantly having to restart Virtual Machine

I have home assistant setup as a virtual machine on a Windows PC. I believe I have everything setup correctly since more likely than not, everything is running smoothly. However, at times I receive an SSL error (don’t have screenshot) within the Home Assistant companion app for iOS. Nothing with Home Assistant works when this happens until I restart my home assistant virtual machine setup. When I go to reset my virtual machine the attached screenshot is what I see in the terminal window. My concern is that this is quite a bit of failures and errors and I suspect that might have something to do with my issue. It’s annoying because this happens probably one every week or two and it effectively renders Home Assistant non-functioning until the restart. Should probably note that automations and all dont work when I have this error as well. Any help or insight here is greatly appreciated.

Do you have enough ram allocated to the HA VM? How many other VM’s are you running? How much total ram on your host computer?

Has it worked well before but only started doing this recently? Did you change or add any new hardware/software/VM’s recently? Did you update anything recently?

Those are a few questions to ask yourself when starting to diagnose the issue.

Sorry for the delay on this, it happen intermittently so I wanted it to happen a couple more time and gather some more info. To answer your questions…

RAM allocated to HA VM is just under 10GB (9832 MB)
Just the HA VM, no others running
Total RAM on system - 16GB

I don’t think I ever really had it working very consistently. Just always seems to do something where the only fix is a restart of the HA VM.

I’m attaching a few screenshots I’ve collected over the last couple weeks of what I see when I need to do the restart. Any feedback on a fix would be greatly appreciated. Currently my setup is very unreliable.

Anyone have any insight on this? It’s made Home Assistant completely unreliable for me. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I noticed I have the exact same issue I believe. I see things stop triggering like motion sensors and schedules. I use Insteon for smart devices. Once I reboot the virtual box it works perfectly but then will randomly stop working or be inconsistent. I have noticed it more about right before Insteon came back online. Not that it’s correlates but it never use to do it for me.

Some say it is too many virtual cpu cores configured (so the host cannot keep up, hence the cpu stall errors).
Some say to use an older version of VB, but it had the same issues.

In the end I moved to VMware, bit harder to configure, but 100% stable.

And if you don’t need USB support, I can recommend HyperV as well :wink:

This FYI is coming from a Newbie

Home Assistant 2022.8.1
Supervisor 2022.07.0
Operating System 8.4
Frontend 20220707.1 - latest

8/5/22 - no resets, yet.