Constrain.input_select not working?


I have an app with an constraint like so:
constrain_input_select: input_select.holman_mode,Present,Guest

I just tested and that app is running running when that input_select.holman_mode is set to other values. I’ve checked that everything is named correctly. This is using the appdaemon:latest docker image. This used to work but it seems like maybe it broke when I added mqtt to this app. Any hints on where I should start debugging?

import appdaemon.plugins.hass.hassapi as hass
import appdaemon.plugins.mqtt.mqttapi as mqtt

class AutoLightsMqtt(mqtt.Mqtt, hass.Hass):

Am I doing this wrong?

Well… it seems that its maybe as simple as this:

class AutoLightsMqtt(hass.Hass, mqtt.Mqtt):

I changed the order of definition in the class and it seems to be working as expected? Hmm…