Contact Integration to get away from Carddav 3rd Parties


I use Synology contacts to sync with my computer and all the families’ mobile devices. Recently I got the idea why not managing the contacts via Home Assistant, but it seems there is not integration yet available.

Will it be possible (and feaseable for others) to have an contact integration in Home Assistant allowing the companion app to sync the conacts with the smartphone and to manage several address books (like 1 for the whole family, 1 for each individually and another for service and business contacts, as I have it in Synology (and of course google can do so as well)).

It would be a great step forward towards independence from other providers in terms of data security for many people. I know this is not a realy Smarthome-topic but probably closely tied to this and could be considered as valueable.

What are your thoughts?

best regards

Nextcloud is probably better suited for this.

That’s where my calendar, contacts and tasks are stored.

Thanks for your reply. I know that there are many solutions out there and I tried a lot of them, even Nextcloud. And I’d really like the idea having only one central system at home to maintain, update and administer. Especially for those not wanting to buy and setup a NAS with Nextcloud it could be interessting to manage contacts via Home Assistant.