Contact sensor TUYA (Zemismart) - TS0203 by _TZ3000_6jeesvrt started showing as OPEN when is CLOSED!

I have a contact sensor from Tuya (Zemismart) - Zemismart Smart Door Sensor Security Detector Tuya Zigbee Real Time Automatic Alarm Zigbee2MQTT deCONZ Alexa Google Home - AliExpress

The model shows as - TS0203 by _TZ3000_6jeesvrt

It was working fine, but since update 2023.7 after a restart of Home Assistant it started showing as OPEN, when in real life is actually CLOSED!

I have 1 automation that send notification to my phone if the front door is open for more than 2 minutes. And I have another automation that restarts home assistant every night at 3:00 am.

Last night at 3:02 I started getting notifications that my door is open (right after HA restart). I went and checked and is NOT open, is closed. I restarted HA, I removed and repaired the sensor to HA, nothing helps. After a restart of HA even tho the sensor is closed, it shows it as open.

Is this another annoying bug of HA 2023.7 ??? Prior that that versions, there was no such issue! I dont think the sensor has gone bad. I even changed the battery with brand new, is not helping. Please help!!!

I even went to the device to check the status and it reports correctly that the last time the front door was closed, was 5 hours ago. But then the current status shows as OPEN, WTF? It has not been opened ever since that 5 hours!!

Hello, I came to report the same thing. Took me a few days to figure out what’s causing it but it’s definitely a Home Assistant restart.

This has happened in the past with an update that stopped getting zigbee curtain states at startup. This time it’s behaving the same way but for zigbee contact sensors.

I have the Samjin Contact sensors (formerly smarthings now Aeotec)

When this happened last time, somebody in the discord server worked with me and got it fixed in the next update. It basically stopped grabbing the state on startup which causes the problem. It manifests as automations failing or firing because the state is incorrect. It’s consistent after every reboot. I have to go around and open/close all 11 doors.

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Very very annoying. Do you believe we need to report this somewhere again? There is another bug I just reported few days ago and was told will be fixed in the next release. I am not sure what to do… Can you contact the same person that helped you last time? Thanks

I popped into the zigbee discord server last night and posted it but admittedly it was a Friday night after 10pm. I’ll check on it again today. Unfortunately I have no idea who I talked to last time but it was definitely one of the folks I consider a zigbee expert.

Its only a matter of time before more people start complaining. Its slow to manifest because A. It requires a restart B. Unless you’re paying attention or have indicators that jump put to tell you all your doors are in an incorrect state (that’s how I found mine), it may be hard for others to notice right away (it was the same way with the zigbee curtains last year).

I have conditionalized buttons on my dashboard that only appear when the sensor is in a certain state and I just happened to notice after restarts, they were in incorrect states.

I just realized it’s happening to Samjin Motion sensors too. I only noticed because I’m home alone and just rebooted and it’s showing all my motion sensors as active

Hopefully someone will notice and report and fix it. It is extremely annoying. I am not sure if it happens to all my sensors or just those with automation, but I am pretty sure is from the 2023.7 onward releases of HA.

@Sergeantpup I have reported the issue here - My contact sensor TUYA (Zemismart) - TS0203 by _TZ3000_6jeesvrt started showing as OPEN when is CLOSED, after a restart of home assistant. · Issue #97215 · home-assistant/core (

Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Thank you, the havoc this is causing with 70 sensors is far too much.

Same here, mine are around 10 but still it is very very annoying! I hope someone notices my post and they fix the bug.

Experiencing the same issues with a single Tuya TS0203 contact sensor reporting open since Sunday 23rd July. I am on 2023.7.3. It started with the sensor just randomly opening and closing out of the blue which it still continues to do so now even when closed. I only know this is happening because of an active automation attached to it. If I didn’t have this active, I would not have known. I have had to disable the sensor in HA but watching state changes in Zigbee2mqtt.

Now I am experiencing an issue with a single ZG-204ZL PIR sensor which keeps alerting that there is movement detected when there is none.

I need to check the logs for all ZigBee sensors to see if they are reporting inconsistent states, which I am only aware of if there is an automation attached. All faulty devices have been reset and repaired/rejoined but still having problems.

Hopefully the issue is fixed soon.

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I reported the issue in Github but nobody so far is willing to answer. I dont know what to say, maybe they are very busy or dont care. I dont know.

Did this get fixed in the recent update? First reboot after the update and all sensors were aligned.

Yes @Sergeantpup I can confirm the bug was fixed in the last version. I am with Home Assistant 2023.8.2 and there is no problem now.

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