[Contactless] Vital Sign Measurement Sensor

LINK = QVNTRA Bed Sensor – dedlineZB

Hello! It only took two years :sweat_smile: but we have developed a Zigbee-based sensor that when affixed to a bed, registers 97% accuracy when compared to electrocardiogram (ECG).

We leverage the sensors for monitoring the wellness and safety of elderly individuals in senior living environments, but there are applicaitons in sleep analysis, recovery analysis, baby monitoring and much, much more.

The payload, reported every second, includes:
- heart rate
- respiratory rate
- status (bed empty, bed occupied, movement detected)
- relative stroke volume
- heart rate variability
- measured fft magnitude
- beat-to-beat
- beat-to-beat1
- beat-to-beat2
- timestamp

About the sensor:
- CC2562P-2 (eByte module)
- TI Z-STACK 3.0 firmware with OTA implemented
- Mains-powered Zigbee Router
- Works with ZHA and Z2M

We’ve had great success deploying 100’s of these sensors in our communities and we would like to extend the reach of our novel technology.

Any interest here from the awesome Home Assistant Community?


Looks very interesting, like most things price is going to be a determining factor on the reach. :joy:

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Another thing to consider, Does it work with two people in the same bed (like most adults do)?


100%. We’re working through price now. We think the HA community will find it more than reasonable :handshake:

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I personally tested this. When sensor is affixed to one side of the bed, vibrations from a second person on the other side of the bed were eliminated.

I might offer a discounted sensor for someone to provide testimonial for this as our focus has primarily been on one person, one bed.

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if the price is right i want to test it for sure.


Working on standing up payments processor. Standby.

Store front is live. Link = QVNTRA Bed Sensor – dedlineZB

If you want to chat live, I hang out in HomeAssistant and Zigbee2MQTT discords as dedline#4019

Cheers :beers:

This is super interesting, and I can understand the price considering all features. But 200$ is way too much for in/out of bed automations I want to accomplish.

Sales are starting to pick up. Working with buyers to get reviews posted!

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Can you deliver to the UK and is there a means I could talk to you privately @dedline ?

@dedline Depending on price and available analysing applications/tools I think that it could definitely be interesting to combine sleep analysis and bed occupancy, however for me personally it would have support two people in one double bed (e.g. queen size bed / kings size bed), even if two sensors are a requirement.

Suggest also looking at the competition for target audiences that are looking for easy-to-use and analyze , such as the Withings under-mattress sleep tracker (Sleep Analyzer) → Under-mattress sleep tracker - Sleep Analyzer | Withings

Hey @Danrar,

I’m dedline#4019 on Discord. If you want to chat, hit me up at [email protected] and we can get something on the calendar. Can probably ship to U.K.


Thanks for commenting and contributing so much to open source Zigbee community. I’ve benefited a lot from your posts over the years.

We provide Sleep Analysis Library for our facility customers. I would need to stand-up an S3 bucket and leverage existing API Gateway + Fargate to provide responses via REST. Would also then need to build out flows for HA, AppDaemon, NodeRed, etc… for clients to call the service. We could do this.

I’ll test the two people in a single bed this week and post it.

Thanks for posting Withings! I’m also thinking about how our sensor competes with https://www.owletcare.com/.

Stay tuned :sunglasses:

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That is a good business idea too! I would have personally bought something like that if it had existed when our boy was a baby as he had astma and it got really bad when he was sick, …but then it would have needed an simple app for dummies considerng we got even less sleep we got at that time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: