Containers being deleted on reboot

Hi, when I install some addons (file editor, mosquito, zigbee2mqtt) after reboot, they will be deleted after docker starts. But addon for Spotify is still there. What is happening with these containers?

What type of installation do you have?


Addons are not supported for docker installs. Addons need supervisor support.

You have to find/create your own containerised version of the program you want to run.

Installed using this guide. Everything works well after install, but after reboot, I see containers being deleted include Home Assistant container.

Befor the 1.0 (or 20.12 or whatever yo call it) supervisor would run in it’s own docker.
Now stuff just disappears, does not start unless manually starts or just corrupts (and needs a reinstall).
Guess htis use case was not supported.

That works, many thanks. :slight_smile: