Context Username

I wanted to be able to display the user/person who disarmed the house alarm or opened the garage door. Upon searching through the documentation realised that this didn’t seem possible.

So I turned to the community forums next and after a bit of time stumbled across the following post:

Seems as though I wasn’t the only one with this idea. I came up with a workaround utilising the variables the user_id available as part of context.

However, would it be possible to also include username as part of context? I understand that from the backend all that’s required to link events is an id but for those wanting to use that information for notifications it would be nice if a human readable option was available.

This would make a lot of automations much cooler for those of us with several users interacting with the system.

This is possible, just lookup the id with your person entities

Thank you for your reply @ludeeus, would you be able to expand on your suggestion and provide an example?

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Looking for the same as @cryptelli.

@ludeeus Would you expand on how to look up the person entities? This would be such a cool feature, to be able to personalise responses dependant on who changed the state of an entity. Thanks

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Also found here and in several other posts:

great @ludeeus , but how a get this information back? there is a way to log it? how?