Continuing about the Discord Mods since someone closed the thread

Original thread here that @Johnyyy started.

I have had a few run-ins with multiple mods in the past. I find the Discord chat rooms very uninviting in the past year or so. I actively avoid HASS Discord rooms and usually go elsewhere to talk about HASS. I frequent a room that is strangely mostly OpenHAB users but they are all very kind and easy going.

I have thought on multiple occasions to bring this up to someone but never said anything. Thanks to Johnnyy, I think it’s time to say something, so here we are.

I think maybe some of the mods frequent the rooms too much and are jaded. They get influenced by some other unfriendly smart-ass people and loose sight of human aspect.

Anyway. I’ll still be using Home Assistant. I just wish there was a fun place to hang out with other HASSers.

I am very sorry to hear that. We do want it to be a welcoming place. But that is a very broad statement. I don’t think finger pointing is the answer but more details such as tone and etc may help.