Continuous problems. switched from Domoticz to to HA AIO

HomeAssistant is really not compatible with me.
I have done a complete installation of HA via AIO and I don’t get it to work fully.
First installed to factory reset my Razberry. Did a few tests before and it was fully functional with all devices when I tried to turn on and off.
Installed HA via AIO and started adding Z-wave devices.
It approves 4 of 6 Telldus Zwave plugs. Refuses to find my Qubino in the kitchen even though I hold PIIn about 20cm away.
And a while later, it has marked all Telldus Plugs as dead nodes, although 2 of them are less than 1 meter long.

Never had these problems with Domoticz.

Anyone who has an idea about this? Or should you switch to Z-wave USB stick as that seems to work significantly better?