Contribute to Home Assistant! Participate in a Usage Survey on Integrations

If you’d like to hop straight to a Home Assistant survey and give some feedback, click to head over. There are ~15 questions total.

This survey will close at 11:59p Saturday 12-Feb-2022 Anywhere on Earth (~7a Eastern US Sunday)


I’m a full time developer and graduate student collecting data regarding Home Assistant’s interface for a Human Computer Interaction study.

As a regular user of Home Assistant, I’ve chosen to focus on it’s interface in hopes that my research can help guide Home Assistant’s development and provide feedback for Nabu Casa. Home Assistant is focusing on Streamlining Experiences this year, and this is a great way to help the project along its journey.

Where do the results go?

They’ll be used as a part of my graduate coursework while compiled results will be shared with the Nabu Casa team go help inform their interface Home Assistant development. Results will not be used for any other purpose.

Are you affiliated with Nabu Casa?

Not directly, any questions are reflective of my own inquiries and are not reflective of Nabu Casa’s needs. I discussed questions and wording with Matthias de Baat of the HA UX team as part of the survey design, however Nabu Casa is not directly related to the survey creation or results.

How is my privacy protected?

Surveys are being collected through Georgia Tech’s Qualtrics service to limit the use of Google Forms and other larger collection services. No personally identifiable data is collected or stored. Your individual results are anonymous.

What’s the timeline?

There will be a follow up in a few weeks with mock interfaces following the feedback provided here. Results will be shared with the Home Assistant community pages and home automation subreddits prior to April ’22 as an open deadline, however results should be available and shared around the time of mock interface creation (~4 weeks). This post will be edited and link to any follow up content upon posting.

Why is this account new?

I’m intentionally keeping my personal accounts and names separate from this research activity and reached out to the Home Assistant team prior to posting. I hope you find the results of value.

Please feel free to message me directly if you have any comments. You can also contact me via the graduate email listed in the survey.

If that sounds s’well to you and you use Home Assistant, please take the survey. Your thoughts are appreciated.

–Max Burton

GaTech CS Grad Student