Control a device that is connected with Google home

Hi !

Is there a way to control in HA a smart plug (intelliplug) that i can control by Google home ?

Thanks !

There are two options that I know of (given that you already have added the plug to HA and can control it):

  1. Use the Google Home component. After you have set it up, the devices show up in Google Home and you can use your voice / Google home to turn the devices on and off.
  2. Use IFTTT. Connect your Google Account and your HA with IFTTT. Then create a Google Assistant trigger on IFTTT that uses webhooks to call a service on your HA, e.g. the service on the component that turns your plug on and off.


The device is alerday in Google home, I can control it with my voice, I was asking to control this device with the HA gui, because I can’t integrate it in HA. So the option to use IFFT I think it will be good !

Thanks !

Yeah, that should be possible. Something like that: HA trigger --> IFTTT(webhook) --> CNCT-Service on IFTTT --> Turn on/off your plug

Wow that is awesome, thank you very much !! I was desesperate ! You made my day !

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Does anyone have an example how to do that ? All my accounts are connected but i did not found any receipe to do it :frowning: