Control andoid tablet with Home Assistant?

Is there a way to control an android tablet with Home Assistant?

I have a tablet with a dashboard, but once every few days, the app will crash and I have to manually open it again. I wanted to create an automation in Home Assistant to reopen the app every nights. I know you can send ADB commands to an android TV, but I can’t find anything for an android tablet.
Is there a way to send a command to open the Home Assistant app on an android tablet? And maybe in the future, do other things like sending image from a camera when a sensor is trigger.

Thanks in advance.

Try using the Fully Kiosk browser instead of the HA app. Lots of options for autostart etc.

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You can do that as with a combination of the app and tasker.
The app as the sensor and it sends a notification to the tablet which tasker reads and takes pictures of front and/or rear camera and/or screenshot.
This can then be uploaded to Google drive and shared to Lovelace dashboard.

I have that automation on our tablets so that I can see what the kids are doing with the tablets.
And off course I can switch them off and make then not able to turn on again with a boolean.

Sounds perfect, thank you. I just installed it. But how can you send URLs to the tablet from Home Assistant? Let say I want to send a different URL than the start page.

Nevermind, I just found it. I was searching with the device name in the services. I found it searching with “kiosk” instead.

you can do this using the official app: