Control Aqara Hub with Home Assistant and Aqara (or Mi Home) app?

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Anyone know if it’s possible to have the Aqara hub associated with the HomeKit Controller in Home Assistant but still be able to control it with the Aqara app? Once I add the device to Home Assistant (via the HomeKit controller) I can’t seem to continue to control it via the Aqara app which means I can no longer define which devices trigger the alarm and I can no longer add new devices.

The ability to add the Hub to the Aqara app without using HomeKit would solve this issue but I can’t seem to find a way to do so.

So I did a lot of messing around with this and couldn’t really get it into a state where everything worked well enough to leave it.

I found that if you sign into an account you can actually manage to get the device into HomeAssistant and with some control over things in the app but you lose the ability to arm and disarm the alarm through home assistant (and therefore through HomeKit). The issue seems to be that the latest version of the Aqara app has multiple alarm modes and HomeAssistant doesn’t seem to understand how to apply those modes. It’s a little frustrating. Was hoping that the Aqara app could control the Hub without HomeKit and allow Home Assistant to control the hub with HomeKit.

Anyone know whether I can set up the Aqara Homekit Hub on an Android device? That might let me get around the fact that the Aqara app on iOS requires the Hub to be connected to HomeKit.