Control Asus router?

Hello everyone, I would like to control the activation and deactivation of the 5GHz wifi via the home assistant. The official ASUSWRT integration does not allow this possibility, which commands can I write to turn off and turn on the wifi using shell comand? Alternatively, are there other methods?
Thank you

The SNMP integration may help if your router supports a MIB that can do what you want.
Here’s a link to MIBs that may help: asuswrt-merlin/release/src/router/net-snmp-5.7.2/asus_mibs/sysdeps at master · RMerl/asuswrt-merlin · GitHub

The function looks very old and my router does not seem compatible (AX-58u)

Is there a possibility to create a switch via ssh?

Hey. WiFi control option for AsusWRT-powered devices is available in a custom integration which I develop. More details here on Forum: [Custom component] AsusRouter integration - Share your Projects! / Custom Components - Home Assistant Community ( or on GitHub: Vaskivskyi/ha-asusrouter: Monitor and control your AsusWRT-powered router from Home Assistant (

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