Control Blynk devices via HomeAssistant

I have fully running on my Rpi. But I still have some old “standalone” projects in my vehicles based on blynk (cloud server) with wemos d1 mini and I would like to keep them as they are.

But I would still like to see and control them via my Home Assistant. Is there a way to integrate it?

That is very well possible using the node red add-on. Node red has a set of Blynk nodes, to be added to the node pallette. You can continue to use the Blynk cloud server or your local Blynk server.

Opomba 2020-04-30 233156
which one?

Probably the quickest way to do this is to call endpoints directly, like[DEVICE_AUTH_TOKEN]/update/V3?value=1 so something like

  - alias: your_automation
      platform: state
      entity_id: blah
      service: shell_command.blynk_hook

  blynk_hook: 'curl[DEVICE_AUTH_TOKEN]/update/V3?value=1'

Hi Mike,
Sorry to bother you. Do you know why am i having invalid token when i run the url in my chrome? i have my auth token runing well in my ios blynk app