Control Bosch CLC6001i in Home Assistant with Infrared Emitter?


I am trying to integrate my Bosch CLC6001 into Home Assistant. It comes with WIFI and can be controlled via an official app, but there seems to be no way to use the API except in this proprietary way.
My idea to bypass this is to emulate the Bosch infrared remote control and send the commands with a device integrated in Home Assistant to the Bosch CLC6001.

So I used an infrared receiver with an Arduino and catched the commands from the Bosch remote control. Unfortunately, the commands for the same buttons are changing, and I have no idea why.
Here is a sequence of commands - one value is repeated, the rest seems random:

Signal - Hex-Code
Stop - A3006452
Cool - 1AC10D44
Stop - 80E1BD57
Heat - E415A45A
Cool - 6F1AD1A9
Stop - 7889D7D8
Stop - 29E2138B
Stop - 10C5BC55
Stop - 1760C198
Stop - E82DC54D
Stop - 10C5BC55
Stop - 5C3F4DC7
Stop - 6D6E6318
Stop - FC91D113
Stop - B85199EB
Heat - 6A38E8AC
Cool - 1F420F84
Heat - A226C04B
Stop - B1ABE90B
Heat - 17C19C0E
Stop - 6A80E9B4
Stop - CA3192B5

So I tried sending the stop commands one after another with an infrared sender to the Bosch device, but nothing happened, it kept running.

At this point I think it is not possible at all to control the device this way, but perhaps someone has a helping idea?

You might need to capture base64 data. I usually see IR remote codes captured that way, so I assume there is a reason for that.