Control chromecast with harmony?

Hi, does anyone know if it’s possible to make my harmony hub remote pause /unpause a chromecast stream started from my android phone?

It says in the docs for harmony that it’s possible, but only when streaming from a computer. I understand I can make some automation with emulated hue component, but it would be nice to use the native pause button on the remote…


As far as i know Home assistant can not detect button presses on the harmony remote. it can only retrieve activity changes from the harmony hub, and perform actions based on that. (someone correct me if i am wrong)

However i don’t think you need anything this complicated. Have a look at HDMI-CEC and check if your TV supports it. This enables you to control the chromecast with your native TV remote. and also with you harmony hub if you send the pause/play command to the TV.

Yes. I do that. Using nodered and nodemcu