Control device with mqtt message, lost in the documentation

Just started with home assistant, because i want to use the roborock integration.

I run home assistant in docker environment. I can’t use the node red addon.
But i want to fire a mqtt message (topic/payload) to home assistant to control the roborock integration. The reason why mqtt, i have this environment running in docker, which controls other things in my home environment

I googled and searched. But i get lost in all the documentation.
And a lot of documentation which i read, i get lost in the names that are used.

Is there a manual for dummies, how to setup mqtt to control devices, by sending topic/payload message?

To have HA respond to a MQTT event, first it has to be subscribed to the broker using the MQTT integration.

Then, you have a couple of options. You could use the MQTT Event: MQTT Event - Home Assistant

Or, you can use the MQTT event trigger in an automation: Automation Trigger - Home Assistant

Thanks for your answer.
The MQTT integration i already added, that was the easy job.

Thanks for your 2 links. I will focus on those two, to not get lost in all the information

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is there also a manual for dummy users?

I tried to understand the documentation, but it is to complex for me.
I just don’t get it what to setup in home assistant to get it working

It looks like the option " MQTT trigger" could work.
But in the link are nice examples, but not where in home assistant i need to config this.

I am hoping there is a step by step manual how to setup this.

I finally found a way.

I found it in automations.
For me this was a long way to find it, where it was hidden in home assistant

I found the option when i was looking for solution to get the state of a devices published by mqtt. Found it in this thread Post sensor values to MQTT - #22 by baz123

But looking from the documenation side, i never would looked in the automations tab

Well, automations is one spot, but the docs do say to put the YAML code in your configuration.yaml. Thats why I included both links.