Control devices based on available energy and prices

I’d like to get help by home assistant to control devices in my home based on cost/availability/price of energy. It would be valuable to get help in this because this can become quite complex.


  • Use own produced solar power
  • Use energy based on lowest prices
  • Charge/discharge home-battery based on prices/solar power (variable speed)
  • Charge car (variable speed) based on available solar power/prices

My practical example:

My setup:
I have a great number of solar panels (doing 7kW-9kW when sun is shining), a dynamic energy contract with change prices every hour and i can ready our my electricity meter.

My automation:
When my electric car is connected to the charger the remaining charge time is calculated and based on that the cheapest hours to charge the car (based on dynamic rates).
Then it is decided how to charge the car: when solar power is available, the amount of energy delivered back to the net is used to calculate the matching charge speed for the car. When no solar power is available the cheapest hours are used to charge the car (during the night).

Many improvements can be made like using the prediction of solar production.

I think there is great value in home assistant helping out in this, preferably doing smart things in controlling multiple devices like washing machine, dishwasher (in addition to car/home battery). These would be my next steps and this should all be controlled by user priority setting.

I checked out several HACS plugins but was not able to find one doing all of this and it would be great value to have this being build natively in home assistant.