Control Echo Volume with Hue Dimmer Switch

I got a Hue dimmer switch that I want to use to control the volume of an Amazon Echo … but I don’t get it how to set this up.

What I got:
HA on a Raspi 4 with a Sonoff Zigbbe dongle, Zigbee2MQTT and then I got this Hue dimmer switch V2 as well. I got several Echos, that I see as media players in the Alexa Media Player integration.

I installed the blueprint for the dimmer switch. The documetation says I also need a media player hook, so I also installed this as well. Somewhere it says I also nee a helper and now the confusion is perfect.

Is this - controlling an Echo volume with the dimmer switch - possible at all and can someone please give some guidance how to set this up?
Than you …

I have not used this integration but the GitHub page lists “Volume” as a feature bt doesn’t say how.

This thread does detail how to use the media_player.set_volume service call.

I really like this idea, I might put this to use on a Hue Dimmer I’m not using if I can do it with my Google Home devices.

could mean anything. You did mention hook, which leads me to think you found EPMatts stuff. There have been reports that those have not been updated in some time and MAY be abandoned.

In any case, if you are having a problem with a specific Blueprint, the first point of contact is in the Exchange (or Github) post that you found the Blueprint in originally.

There are people there using the equipment and the blueprint and will be able to give you more accurate information regarding your problem.

I do not have any of those devices, but I have made a script that uses the (a number range +/- 0 to 360) angle presented by the Aqara Cube remote to set volume on a Google device. Perhaps it will be of some help with concepts and direction when you are writing one for this scenario.

Thank you guys for your replies and tipps. :+1:
Will go through it when I got some quiet hours.

@Sir_Goodenough yes, I took the EPMatts stuff appoach

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