Control entities on the lockscreen without unlocking device


whenever I want to change the brightness of a light or open my front gate from the lockscreen’s shortcut to Device Controls (Android 12), it asks me scan my fingerprint. This is quite annoying as I would wish to quickly control some devices without the need to unlock my device. I’ve read somewhere that you can disable the requirement for the extra authentication, but I can’t remember where it was. I’ve been also unsuccessful in locating such option in the app’s settings and the Home Assistant. Does anyone know how to change that behaviour?

android 13 will introduce new behavior that will allow the app to work without unlocking, until then there is not much to be done. There is already an existing feature request for this on github.

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Andoird 13 is out now, any Updates?

I believe it has been implemented for a while now

yes it has been implemented some time ago