Control Ikea bulbs and Wiz lights with HA


I have some Ikea bulbs but I do not have the gateway or remote. Can I control them from HA via an Echo device (version 4 will arrive to me in a week)?
Also I am planning to buy some Wiz connected devices (bulbs, smart plug and sensor) Can I control them in HA?
Do you know if with the smart plug I can see if the washing machine has finished asking for electricity? (so finished the cycle)

Sorry if the questions are dumb, checked already on google and it’s not 100% clear to me.


The wiz bulbs i own.
NO issues to controle them directly. Ikea bulb i dont own.

Further. I have a plug with power monitoring.
Make sure you user a 2500W or more version

I use it to detect <5W for 5 mins or more. And send a notification to mail after that. Works nicely

Needed some editing because of the phone auto incorrect funtion… Gheheh

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Thanks a lot for your answer. So the plug is also Wiz one?

Ghehe, no.
Two separate things. Two questions. different hardware.
I have a 2500W zWave plug. But any plug should work fine with monitoring.

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For the power monitoring, I use node red. But you can do it just as well in home assistant directly. I think this works fine nowadays. Node red is rather complicated anyway.

Normally, when the machine is off: power usage < 5W. i.e. 0.3W.
When the machine is turned on it spikes >5W. Result> trigger flip boolean on.
During the cycle the power varies between 3-2500W, but duration <5 W is shorter than 3 minutes.
Ultimately, when machine is done with the cycle, it drops below 5W for a longer period (than 3mins) > trigger flip boolean off

When the boolean is flipped from on>off, the script notify action is triggered only to persons who are home. :slight_smile: Dont want my wife to find out I am doing the laundry while she is away, huh…

Why use the boolean in the first place one would ask. Well, I noticed if I was messing and rebooting HA, my wife gets e-mails constantly. This lower threshold of 5W prevents this which in turn increases the WAF a lot.

The notify method I use with mail is like this:

  - service: notify.nick
      title: Wasmachine is klaar
      message: Dit is een automatisch gegenereerde e-mail. U hoeft hier niet op te
  - service: notify.bianca
      title: Wasmachine is klaar
      message: Dit is een automatisch gegenereerde e-mail. U hoeft hier niet op te


- name: nick
  platform: smtp
  port: 587
  timeout: 15
  sender: [email protected]
  encryption: starttls
  username: [email protected]
  password: password_of_emailadress
    - [email protected]
  sender_name: Home-Bot

maybe this helps someone :slight_smile:

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