Control "intelligent" or "stupids" lights with Rbpi+arduino

Hello! Once again I need your help.
I am trying to automatize all the lamps on my home, but I have a problem with this.
My idea idea is to automatize all the cheapest way as possible, but I don’t want to do the things bad.
I want control my light by two ways, one with home assistant and to the same time that i can activate that lights with a physical wall button or a wall switch. But this is not easy. My first intention was activate one relay 5v with arduino conected by USB with the raspberry pi. My raspberry is running on Hasbian.
That relay works like a wall switch, and I integer that in the electrical network of my home.
But with this solution I have one problem, I tell you. When I configure all the system and I try to operate with all if I put on the Homeassistant switch the light turn on, well, all is OK. When I push one of the wall switch the light turn Off, all well again. But in the Homeassistant I can see that the switch it’s activate and the light is turned on. How can I feedback this function, or what do you think is the better solution??
Thanks to all.

You need feedback of some sort for whether or not the light is on. Did you make a custom light component to communicate with the arduino? I just recently finished a similar project, but I had the benefit of my house already having an old low voltage relay system that included pilot voltage to drive LEDs at switches. I used that with an optocoupler to drive the GPIO pins on a beagle bone providing the needed info, you could do something similar with an arduino if you have an equivalent system.

I can’t do something like that because my wall switches are only switches without low voltage relays.
I thought to do this, put one photoresistence conected to an Arduino INPUT, and when this component goes over one specific value I put the arduino relay’s OUTPUT to zero. But if I do this I think the light is going to change from ON to OFF or from OFF to ON.
The solution is not too simple.

Someone who can help me with this doubt?
I thought put one current sensor (ACS712) and put down the arduino signal when the light was off, and so, when the light is off I see in the homeassistant how the signal go off. But if do this the light turn on again because the relay changes it status and the light is on.
Another solution is use a secundary input, I activate the homeassistant output in the arduino and this signal turn on another secundary signal wich is the signal who turn on the relay and the light will be on. Add to this I use the ACS712 to put the arduino signal off ( and I see it in homeassistant) but not put the secundary signal off, so the light doesn’t chage it stats.
I am thinking so much…

Help me please…

Anyone? Please I am lost