Control Krisbow Sync (Smart Klic) devices with HA Tuya integration

In Indonesia, ACE Hardware is a popular place to get stuff for your home. Among other things, ACE Hardware sells “Krisbow Sync” products for your smart home. Yet, they force you to use their app called “Krisbow Sync (Smart Klic)”
Unfortunately, there is no Home Assistant Integration for Krisbow Sync (Smart Klic).

However, I just realized that the Tuya App, looks suspiciously similar to the Krisbow App see below:

Note: When adding devices, the app adds a few functions; therefore the screenshots look slightly different.

I tried to add my Air Purifier from ACE Hardware (Kris) in the Tuya app, and it worked!
(I had to add it manually, though, the auto-detection timed out.)

Now I use the HA Tuya Integration to control my air purifier. So far, it works flawlessly.