Control Liftmaster LA400 Gate Opener via HA?

Replying to this in case anyone has the above issue. I was using MQTT to integrate the ratgdo. Apparently we should all be using ESPhome. I found that several other folks had the same “suddenly stop working” situation happen with the MQTT integration.

I re-flashed to ESPhome and the gate has been running solid ever since.

I used the options in the top right with a Zooz Zen 17. I can reliably open and close the gate (Liftmaster CSL24UL), but this setup has no status.

I have two RATGDO but I cannot get them setup to work with Homeseer. The process is getting stuck during the rebooting phase after I setup the MQTT.

How did you connect the wires to the Aux Relay terminals? I tried for an hour, but the relay was in the way of the wire input on the terminal.

Mine weren’t…do you have a picture? Here’s what my expansion board looks like. Relay terminals are the green blocks there at the bottom.