Control lights with shelly


I configured my device as detatched switch so that my smart bulb is always on. I want that my shelly 1L virtually controlls my light bulb via home assistant. Under I/O actions in the shelly mode I tried setting the webhook from an automation however that starts with https:// and shelly only accepts http://. Do you have any ideas what I can try?

og, exit after @tom_l ’s post…should have read better… but wht he said is also possibly with add-pnn/esphome :wink:

There’s a binary sensor that monitors the Shelly switch state. Use a state trigger to monitor that and control your lights as you wish in the actions of the automation.

Thanks! The binary sensor was deactivated by defaullt. After I activated it, it did exactly what I wated it to do. However after 25 minutes the shelly turns off and goes offline (maybe overheating), so I just wired the live and ground together and stuck a tradfri dimmer next to the light switch.


And that did not trip all the circuit breakers / fuses in your house.

I’m pretty sure you did not short the power company to ground.

Sorry i meant neutral.

Do not short line and neutral either.

Please consult an electrician before you burn your house down.

My lightswitch has two wires I dont no what they are called but I connected both, a switch does nothing else.

You probable wired black to brown (which is what the switch does indeed).

Blue = Neutral wire
Brown = Live wire
Black = Switch wire
Green/Yellow = Earth wire
At least, this are the colors used in EU :stuck_out_tongue:

In other words…never connect the Blue to the brown wire, unless you like fireworks :roll_eyes:

Yeah somebody messed up the color coding they are both black. But it is hard to mess up when you only have 2 wires.