Control of AndroidTV/FireTV screensaver

I’ve been trying to control my fireTV screensaver through the AndroidTV media_player, but it’s not working, quite right. I’ve added the firestick via AndroidTV, and I can control it on and off, but when it goes into screen saver mode, it cannot access my personal/amazon photos albums (so it says on the screen).

After a little debugging, this seems to be the case when there is an active adb connection, as there seems to be with the media_player for the Android/Fire TV

Using adb from another machine, I’ve been able to do
adb connect
adb shell input keyevent 26 # turn on
adb disconnect

and eventually the firestick will go into screensaver mode with my personal album, and also

adb connect
adb shell input keyevent 223 # turn off
adb disconnect

The adb add-on was depreciated and removed (WTF?) so I would need to do this through ssh and a third host.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to put androidTV integration in async mode (e.g. where it ‘adb disconnects’ after gathering state information).
  2. I’m fine with writing my own scripts if necessary - Is there another adb add-on, or interface to the python adb tool kit, that I can use to write my own connect and shell commands?
  3. Anyone else trying to do this? What have they come up with?

Thanks for any help.

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