Control of the external HVAC system Jablotron FUTURA via HA

I have standalone HAVC system in my house, which is not supported as an integration.
The brand is Futura made by JablotronLT:

The device communicates via Modbus TCP protocol and I have received the registry map from the manufacturer.
So now, I am able to read Input registers as sensors and display them in HA. There are also Holding registers available, which I can read too and possibly write to control the HVAC system (didn’t try it yet but it should work).

Right now, I would like to step a bit further and control and monitor the full HVAC system from my HA.

  • By control, I mean sending the target temperature, humidity, fan mode and speed, heating or cooling mode, bypass mode, night mode, party mode, away mode, boost ventilation mode, turn on/off HVAC, activate schedule mode, etc. by writing to holding registers.
  • By monitor I mean reading all available temperatures (wall sensors, floor sensors), humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, all fan rpm, power consumption, etc.

This is very complex device, however all control can be achieved by writing to Holding registers and all monitoring can be achieved ba reading Input registers, both by Modbus TCP.

I need some help which way to go, when I would like to create user interface in HA instead of using a standalone android app provided by manufacturer, which relies on control via cloud (different method).

First I briefly looked at generic-thermostat card, but I realized this is not a way to go as it is designed to control simple devices by reading input and switching defined output. I don’t want to replace HVAC algorithms by HA, I just want to use HA to read and send commands to HVAC.

I am completely lost where to start. I thing it has something to do with the climate entity but I don’t know how to create climate entity from individual sensors (input registers) and controls (holding registers).

I also found reference to Modbus Climate Entity which I think should be close to what I need:

However the documentation is poor and I can’t find any useful examples.

Sorry for long post, I hope someone can point me to the right direction.
Thanks Ondrej

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You have my full support but I can’t help you with it. I am just newbie. Držím palce