Control one relay channel output by another on the same relay

I have a 4 channel relay working correctly with esphome that runs a garden irrigation system. I can switch the solenoid attached to channel 1 through an interface switch on the dashboard and via an automation

I now wish to add a Led status light on Chanel 4 (12v Led) to reflect the open/close state of channel 1 (12v solenoid) but, although clearly simple, I am uncertain. I think I might need to add a binary sensor and lambda code segment but is this over complicating it

You should be able to just use the on_turn_on and on_turn_off triggers.

  - platform: gpio 
    id: water_solenoid
      - switch.turn_on: LEDblue 
      - switch.turn_off: LEDblue

Thank you so much. That worked perfectly. I knew there was an elegant simple solution!